Entry #17

The Saint Commandos Special Forces

2012-07-17 17:55:18 by PinHeadLarry569

Hey newgrounders. You may know me as THE WHITEST K1D but i changed my gamertag (Xbox live) to SargentCrabGuy. So anyway as you may know i have a clan called well just read the title, and i restarted it to make it have a little more game friendly people. so now to the point . i could use some clan members and it would be great if you could join just send me SargentCrabGuy or Another Account a message if you want to join also you have to have halo reach and upcoming halo 4 but once halo 4 comes out ill probably not go on reach. if you do join the clan we will treat you with recepct and cooporation. if there is any member giving you a hard time i will keep note of it and will handle the problem personally. and dont worry about being a low rank as long as your pretty good at the game we will take you. so any way please join. also please check out General Damons forum on halo waypoint for more info. www.halowaypoint.com

Picture: Far left Me, left General Damon, top right ADI Vortex, and bottom right Another Account.

The Saint Commandos Special Forces


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